How do I apply for a BEE Ratings-SA Rating?

The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) governs BEE verification on behalf of the DTI and prescribes the following process:

  • Receive application for quotation from client. Send quotation, application form and standard terms and conditions to client.
  • Receive signed application, standard terms and condition contract and full upfront payment from client.
  • Review the rolex replica sale and approve if no conflict of interest exist.
  • Plan the process in conjunction with the client.
  • Brief the client in rolex replica of what evidence is required for rating / verification.
  • Allow the client reasonable time to collect evidence.
  • Verification analysts replica watches uk the BEE scorecard and report and prepare the evidence file to be submitted to the BEE Manager for approval.
  • BEE Manager scrutinizes the evidence file and approves BEE status if compliant with SANAS requirements.
  • BEE Manager issues the BEE rolex replica sale to client and DTI.
  • Client appeals if need exists.
  • Periodic independent audit is conducted to verify the process as compliant in terms of SANAS requirements and the BEE Codes of Good Practice.