Sector Charter Status

Sector Charters for B-BBEE purposes can often be confusing as several charters exist and some are currently being revised for realignment with the recent code amendments implemented on 01 December 2019.

Below is a list of gazettes for Acts, Amended Acts and Sector Charters and the current status.

Category Code Description Gazette Date Status
DTi BEE Act 2003 25899 07/January/2004 Final
DTi BEE Amendment 2013 37271 27/January/2014 Final
DTi BEE Commissioner Regulations 40053 06/June/2016 Final
DTi BEE Verification Manual 39378 06/November/2015 Draft
DTi Draft Statement 005 of 2017 40997 21/July/2017 Draft

Amended Codes of Good Practice
DTi Generic 39628 11/October/2013 Final
DTi QSE, SE, Sector Codes, Equity Equiv & SoA 38766 06/May/2015 Final
DTi Demographics & EMEs 38765 06/May/2015 Final

DTi YES Initiative 41866 28/August/2018 Final
DTi YES Initiative Practice Note 41975 12/October/2018 Final
DTi Mid-year changes 42496 28/August/2019 Final

Sector Amended Codes of Good Practice

Agriculture Generic & QSE 41306 01/December/2017 Final
Chartered Accountancy Generic & QSE 42417 26/April/2019 Draft
Construction Generic & QSE 41287 01/December/2017 Final
Defence Generic & QSE 41024 04/August/2017 Draft
Finance Generic, QSE & SE includes sub-sectors 41287 01/December/2017 Final
Forest Generic & QSE 40803 21/April/2017 Final
ICT Generic, QSE & SE 40407 07/November/2016 Final
MAC Generic & QSE 39887 01/April/2016 Final
Petroleum Generic & QSE – Not yet Gazetted 41110 13/September/2017 Proclaimed
Property Generic & QSE – includes sub-sectors 40910 09/June/2017 Final
Tourism Generic, QSE & SE 39430 20/November/2015 Final
Tourism Generic, QSE & SE Alignment 42725 27/September/2019 Draft
Transport Generic & QSE Currently being re-drafted for all sub-sectors

All current Gazettes are available for download here.

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