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Discretionary Collective Enterprises and BEE

Reference documents: Gazette 44591 dated 18 May 2021 - EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM FOR GAZETTE ON RULES FOR DISCRETIONARY COLLECTIVE ENTERPRISES PUBLISHED IN TERMS OF THE B-BBEE ACTB-BBEE Code of Good Practice, as amendedB-BBEE Act, as amended In this article, we discuss the basics of Collective Enterprises in light of the recent…
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We are pleased to announce that, since the launching of our website on 23 March 2007, we have grown not only in business but also in public relationships.

Our belief in BEE awareness, training and development is our driving force to empower the nation. We strive to support both public and private sectors in speeding up their economic growth process.

We at BEE Ratings-SA, understand the importance of impartiality in the interest of  business.

B-BBEE isn't a one-year race, but rather a long-term Business Strategy. Small changes now could build up into an impressive profile 5 years down the line. The challenge is to improve on your B-BBEE activities and score each year.

If your annual turnover is less than R 10 million you are defined as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME). White owned EME companies are a level 4, which amounts to a 100% BEE Procurement Recognition. 51% Black owned EME companies are a level 2, which amounts to a 125% BEE Procurement Recognition. 100% Black owned EME companies are a level 1, which amounts to a  135% BEE Procurement Recognition. (Black is defined as any African , Indian, Coloured & Chinese , South- African Citizen)

If your annual turnover is between R 10 million and R 50 million you are defined as a Qualifying Small Enterprise(QSE). If your annual turnover exceeds R 50 million you are defined as a Generic Enterprise(GE).

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About US

Company Profile Objectives Vision Mission

Company Profile

BEE RATINGS - SA is a BEE Consulting Firm, assisting business entities in creating and calculating an internal B-BBEE scorecard. We deliver an independent service to our clients as to make it possible for them to be verified by a SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Agency that will generate a final BEE Scorecard with their actual and true BEE Level and Score. 

We have gained extensive experience in the Audit, Accounting, and BEE Ratings Industry and assure any business of our professionalism and accuracy. This enables us to be a competitive market player in the BEE Consultation Industry.


  1. Actively promote the principles of the B-BBEE Act and Codes.
  2. Promote a positive spirit of socioeconomic Transformation.
  3. Promote transparency, professionalism and competence as a key aspect of our services.
  4. Promote active legislative compliance by use of approved Verification Agency certification.


To become a leading provider of B-BBEE services to our customers.


  1. Provide an innovative and cost-effective service to our clients thereby assisting them in achieving their strategic outcomes in the markets within which they operate.
  2. Develop long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients.
  3. Achieve company growth such that we remain profitable yet cost-effective to all sectors we service.
  4. Remain focused on treating our employees as our most important asset

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Why the need for the codes?

For B-BBEE to work consistently, visible and clearer direction is needed. BEE initiatives to date have been characterised by:

  • Lack of understanding leading to inconsistent application and appreciation of B-BBEE principles.
  • Lack of clarity resulting in delays in the implementation of B- BBEE initiatives.
  • Disparity in Charter definitions and targets between various sectors of the economy.
  • Lack of implementation guidelines.
  • Lack of underlying economic substance to many BEE transactions.
  • Focus on narrow based BEE leading to a narrow base of beneficiaries.
Arrangement of the Codes of Good Practice



Code series reference


25 points


Management Control

15 points


Skills Development

20 points


Enterprise and Supplier Development

40 points


Socio-Economic Development

  5 points


Rating Benefits

BEE Ratings can be used for the following purposes:
Increased procurement opportunities by entities wishing to enhance their own broad based BEE status through preferential procurement
Government licensing eligibility or licensing renewal process Financing decisions, where empowerment is a key criterion for sourcing the fund, e.g. BEE Funds
Independent, reliable proof of contributions made towards economic empowerment

WHAT DO I GET? Rating Outcome
Once you have gone through the rating process, you will be awarded a rating report with a rating certificate. The overall rating score is equivalent to a rating status ,i.e. BEE, which in turn, is equivalent to a level contribution status, as per the guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice.
Below is a table showing what would be on your report and what it means:

B-BBEE Status


B-BBEE Recognition Level

Level One Contributor

>100 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Two Contributor

>95 but <100 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Three Contributor

>90 but <95 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Four Contributor

>80 but <90 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Five Contributor

>75 but <80 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Six Contributor

>70 but <75 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Seven Contributor

>55 but <70 points on the Generic Scorecard


Level Eight Contributor

>40 but <55 points on the Generic Scorecard


Non-Compliant Contributor

<40 points on the Generic Scorecard


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