Sector Charters gazetted within the B-BBEE Act

Under Section 9(1) of the B-BBEE Act several charters have been gazetted for industry sectors.

The DTI’s website ( has extensive information related to the B-BBEE Act as well as Sector Charter information. Below is a summary of the Sectors gazetted as at September 2018.

Sector Codes Initial effective date Gazette number
Agri-BEE Charter 28 December 2012 Government Gazette 36035
Construction Sector 21 November 2017 Government Gazette 41287
Financial Sector Charter 26 November 2012 Government Gazette 35914
Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) Charter
07 November 2016 Government Gazette 40407
Property Sector Charter 01 June 2012 Government Gazette 35400
Chartered Accountancy Sector
10 May 2011 Government Gazette 34267
Integrated Transport Sector
21 August 2009 Government Gazette 32511
Forest Sector Code 12 June 2009 Government Gazette 32320
Marketing, Advertising and Com
munication (MAC) Sector Code
01 April 2016 Government Gazette 39887
Tourism Sector Code 20 November 2015 Government Gazette 39430

Note: when a measured entity falls within the scope of a particular Sector Code it must be measured or verified on the basis of the Sector Code and no longer on the basis of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

The Department of Trade and Industry released a “Statement of Clarification” in July 2012 to this effect. Additionally, adraft Mining Charter for the Mining and Mineral Industry developed in terms of section 100 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act No. 28 of 2002) was released for public comment in June 2018.

BEERSA Article 25 September 2018 – Sector Charters gazetted within the B-BBEE Act (pdf)

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