Amendments to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice – Part 1 of 2

On the 31st of May 2019, Amendments to the Codes of Good Practice were published via Government Gazette No 42496. As several amendments were made only a few are listed below.

The gazette in 3 parts may be downloaded here:

Interpretation and Definitions

This is a 25 page document listing all Interpretation and Definitions.

  • Designated Group Supplier: added definition
  • Absorption definition: amendment

General Principles and the Generic Scorecard – Code Series 000

This is a 11 page document listing the principles to be applied.

  • Sub-minimums: Explanation
  • Unincorporated Joint Venture: Added measurement

Principles for Measuring Skills Development – Code Series 300

This is a 17 page document listing the principles to be applied. The changes are extensive and the document must be read in full to understand the extent of amendments.

  • Suppliers within a company‚Äôs supply chain cannot be considered an Enterprise development beneficiary Guarantees: ESD matrix has been updated
  • Double counting on various interventions have been ruled out
  • Capping of Category F and category G training interventions have changed to 25% (opposed to 15% that it was previously capped at)

This article is provided for information only, and does not constitute the provision of professional advice of any kind.

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